Lotus Elan Cross Country Trip

Seattle to Louisville

Set 1

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Leaving Buffalo....

..taking off from Pittsburgh.

Over the Mississippi
or the Missouri

They were showing

..The Rockies below.

Quite a view...

I think that is the ash
cloud from Mt. St.

There is the car...

..just as I remember it..

..hood down...

..and off we go...

Space Needle

Crossing the Bay


...scenery all across..

..Washington State.

Just breathtaking...

..and we were not at
the good stuff yet.

Checking fluids...
looking under the
bonnet...All OK

..and a little plug to
American Micro Inc.

Putting up the hood...

and we are on the
way again.

It was really cold...

my brother Ang.

Across Washington


The Air Force was
practicing their
low level bombing
run .right behind us
here .

Down below is the
Grand Coolee Dam

A monument to
Wild Horses

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