Lotus Elan Cross Country Trip

Seattle to Louisville to Buffalo
Set 7

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Eastern edge of MT...

..on the way to ....


.stayng the night..

...just over the
border in Kimil, NE.

Next day....we....


....seeing cornfield after cornfield..

..all the way....

...across Nebraska.

Till we hit Nebraska
City..when I check the
oil and water and I
notice that the water
pump is making noise.
We decide that it is
better to make some
arrangements as to not
push the envelope and
hurt the car.

I line up Mike Roberts
in Kansas City, Stewart Preston
in St Louis and
Ben Tennyson in
Evansville, IN....all
about 200 miles apart
on the last 600 miles
to Lousiville. If the
waterpump does start to
leak to much...we have

But..... just north of
Kansas City...the
water pump starts to
leak more than I am
comfortable with ..and this
is the end of our trip in
the Lotus. I call for the
tow truck...and
we tow the car to
Mike's house., picking
up a rental car on the
way..and we drive
all night to Louisville.

It was a great time. Car ran
GREAT. Only problem was the
achilles heal of all Twin Cams,
the waterpump. I will put in one
of the Bean cassette pumps,
that you change from outside
the engine..and it will last a lot
longer and are engineered better.
Wd drove 2200 miles
(just 600 miles short
of Louisville)
through some of
most spectacular
scenery I had ever seen.
I wish I had made it
all the way to Louisville,
Buffalo would have been icing
on the cake.


Mike Roberts sent
a few pictures of the
pickup and loading.
Mike was such a nice guy to
do this for me. Lotus people
are really great.

Dan loading....

...his flatbed. Not an enclosed
trailer, but Dan really takes
extra care...and never lets the
cars out of his sight!!!

If you ever need a good person
to haul a car cross country..or
even shorter distances...
Call Dan at 508-369-3359
Tell him Tony V sent you ....
(no monetary benefit here...he is
just a nice guy)

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