Brake Light Switch on Pedal Setup

Pointing at the place where I have the wire exiting the pedal box cover, This is wired in parallel with the OEM stop switch. This means that it operates the brake lights, as so does the original switch. This does not replace the original switch. It just operates in parallel with the original switch. I have mine set up so it actually swtiches on the brake lights as soon as I touch the pedal. If this switch should fail, the original switch will still turn on the brake lights, with further pressure on the pedal, as per original design.

Here is better shot of the top rivet holding the bracket.There are also 2 rivits on the side.

You can see the stop switch, It is that white thing. It is screwed into a threaded peice of plexiglass.

Another view

This gives a better view of the metal bracket that is rivited to the car and then (next pic)

....the peice of plexiglass, bolted to the metal bracket, bent at a right angle, threaded to receive the stop switch. the threaded allows is to be adjustable for pedal travel and sensitivity.

A slightly different angle.
The Switch is out of a Saab. I bought it at local parts store. I chose this switch because it was threaded, and of the threaded ones that were on hand; it was the one that required the least effort to close. Low effort, less forces on the mounting. The Plexiglass was purchased from a local firm that sells and works in plastics. They have a cutoffs and mistakes bin that they sell for 50 cents a pound.