Stock Caterham Tank Converted into a Fuel Cell by Fuel Safe

This is a picture of the cell, you can see the sending unit in the middle and the filler plate at the top right.

Close up of the sender.

Close up of the filler can see the anti roll over flap valve....and the red vent also has a check valve to prevent flow in the event of roll over

Front side...that is the stock location of the fuel outlet for the carbs. You will notice that there is not other access plate (where they stuff in the cell). On this cell they used the filler plate as the access hole. If you look at my other will see an access plate...this has to be in loctaion that the cell with not be sitting on....nor in an area that the bolts on the tank would interfere with something.

Side view...the red fitting is the vent..with a check valve on the vent in case of a roll over.