Elan M100 AutoEurope Shifter Modification

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(Updated 10/29/01)

This is the installation of the Auto Europe shifter modification. I drove a M100 the Lotus Gathering with this modfication and really liked it. It does not modify the shifter pattern or stoke, but just cuts the shifter down and rebends it for a more natural angle for a left hand drive car. The cost from Auto Europe is $125 plus shipping. You remove you shifter, send it to Auto Europe and they then return it to you, modified, for reinstallation in your car. Speak to Tom, and tell them you saw it on lotusowners.com. LotusOwners.com gets an small advertising spiff for all our referrals and it helps pay the website costs. (it does not increase your cost) Their address and phone is

Auto Europe, 677 South Eton, Birmingham, MI 48009 (248-645-6300)

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Open up the console compartment and remove the 2 screws. Remove the tray..

Remove the 2 larger screws holding down the console. Twist and pull the rubber cover off the emergency brake. Pull the Emergency brake up as far as it will go.

Gently lift the console, just a little...from the back..and stick your hand under it and push out the window switches.

They just unsnap and are keyed...so you can't put them back on the wrong way.

Do one switch, then the other.

Pull up the console a little more at the front and reach under and push out the mirror switch.

The connector just pulls apart.

With the emergency brake pulled up as far as you can..Push the shifter forward and lift and more the console forward.

It is a tight fit, but with some effort and a little luck...you will get the brake handle out of the boot and the console off. Be gentle...it will come off...