Setting Toe Using the "Old Man" Method

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Update. Jim Manson suggests that the "spikes"
indicating point, that touches the tire, should as long to allow the "point" where is touches the tire to be level with the axle.

This is the pole I made up to measure the toe. I also made 2 12" spikes. The pole has to be at least the same length as the distance from the outside of one the outside of the other tire.

I put one spike through one end, making it permanent, and the other I left loose. (I keep it taped to the pole when not in use).

Jack up one wheel so that it just spins. Put a chock or a peice of wood down, to steady the pencil.

Hold the pencil aganist the tire and spin. Make a line all the way around the tire. It doesn't matter if it is perfectly in the center, what matters is that it is consistant all the way around the circumference of the tire. I find an old thick construction pencil works best.

Do the same thing ....
..on the other tire.

Update It has been suggested by Tony Clark that at this point you set the car back down on the floor...put a person in the car or simulate the weight of a driver..roll the car back and forth a bit and then proceed.

This is the other end of the pole with my spike taped on for storage.

Put the end with the permanent spike in front of the wheels, with the point of the spike on the line.

On the other wheel, set the movable spike on the pole, pointing at the line.

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