Mirror Information (Please understand I nor LOONY does not sell this product, nor endorse it. This is just for the convneience of the USA Seven Owners)


These mirrors have been designed specifically for the Seven so as match the style and character of the car. They give good rear vision and can be fitted and removed in seconds. This allows your side screens to be re-fitted when the weather takes you unawares. They are not retrofitted motorcycle mirrors that so often detract from the look of the car, and which in many cases, give such poor rearward visibility. Our mirrors do not require any drilling or removal of bolts from your car. In addition, these mirrors can give two height settings by simply changing from left to right and vice versa

The mirrors are mounted on a polished stainless steel plate to complement the aluminium windscreen pillar onto which it mounts. It is secured in place with a stainless steel pin that is inserted through the plastic hinge brackets for your side screens. (Having these plastic hinges already fitted to your windscreen pillar is the only prerequisite to fitting our mirrors) The back of the stainless steel plate, where it comes into contact with the pillar, has a soft neoprene backing, bonded on, to prevent scratching of your polished aluminium and absorb vibration.

The mirrors are supplied with fitting instructions, although once the initial fitting has been completed the mirrors can be fitted and removed in seconds and is simplicity itself. NOTE: The photographs on this sheet are of our prototype mirrors, which feature a brass retaining pin for the mirrors. This has now been changed for the production versions to 316 stainless steel for looks and durability. We hope the above information is of interest to you and that you will soon be purchasing and enjoying our product.

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