M100 Big Brake Kit Install
Using the PNM Engineering Kit

Car is up on jack stands. I
put the stands right under
the A Arm where it attaches
to the hub.

I used a clamp and two tops
form a prescription bottle
to try and limit loss of brake
fluid. I did not need to
change my brake lines as
I did know I already had
stainless in my car.

I had to clean up the mounting
surface for the discs.

The disc slid right on. On
my right side I snapped off
the rotor locating screw when
removed it so
the disc will spin till i put the
wheels on.

I started by putting on only one
washer per mounting screw.

You can see that you put the
larger washers under the lock
washers because that bracket
is aluminum.

I turned the wheel to allow me
to work on it more easily.

With one washer I thought
it looked wrong.

Another shot

I put on two washers....

...you can see the two washers...

...in this closeup.
But it as wrong. When
I torqued it all up, I had to
change it back to one washer.

The disc is now centered....

...in the caliper.

On the left side, I did not clean
up the disc mounting surface
emough so when I put on the..

....disc, the centering ring in
the disc came off. I had to
gently pry it off, clean up
the surface further, put the
ring back in the disc gently
and put it on again. Went
right on.


Better shot of the mounting
bracket with...


..two washers. But for my car
two washers was wrong. I
went back to one washer.

I could use the disc locating
screw on the left side.


All I need to do is torque ....
Please note that is pic is with
two washers. I did go back to
using just one.

....everything down...

....out on the brake lines and
bleed all four brakes.

If you need more information
about this kit, email me here

This is the finished install without the
anti-rattle springs.

This is the finished install with the
anti-rattle springs.

This is the driver side. Please
note the direction of the
slots. This is how you want it.

This is the passenger side. Please
note the direction of the
slots. This is how you want it.