Elise Rear Window Replacement

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On this page and the following pages is a brief description of how we changed out a rear window on a Lotus Elise.
One of the things to keep in mind as you look this over is that we only decided to document this procedure after we had
already started. Thus some of the pictures may be out of sequence a bit. For example the pictures showing the removal of the
rear bulkhead liner were taken as we were putting it back in, not taking it out even though we are showing it first in
our description like we are taking it out.
Sorry about that, but we figure some help is better than none.


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Remove the seat on the
passenger side. 4 bolts.

Place the seat outside
the car, the belt will
be long enough to allow you
to do so. We kept the belt
attached to the seat.

Remove the seat belt
shoulder anchor point.

There are two tabs that hold
the cover in place.

Keep your seat belt parts together
noting the order they were installed.

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