Using Dow Corning 995
to Attach Cycle Wings on Seven

For those of you that are building a Seven or replacing your front cycle wings, I would like to show
you how I have been putting mine on. First time I did this was in 1999 and my cycle wings are still in place
and still feel like I could pick up the car with the wings! I have used the Dow Corning 995 to mount wings now
on 3 other cars and have had 3 other people use the same way upon my direction.

Dow Corning 995 can be bought in most areas and even on the internet. It costs about $7 per tube and has a
shelf life of about a year. It is used primary in the contruction trade as the medium into which they set the
big windows you see on skycrapers. They just set the windows into a bed of this stuff and it keeps
the windows in. Cool stuff.

You can find it on the Dow Corning website HERE. Click on "Find a Distributor"
It comes in different colors, I always choose black if they have it but it really
does not matter as you dont see it at all.

I find that it takes one tube to do 2 wings but you may want to get two to be safe.
I first use clay or POR putty, or even clamps to locate the wing on the stays.
I put just 2 dabs of putty or clay on to each stay to just hold the fender in place.
About the size of a pencil eraser. Just enough to make is stop moving. I have also used small clamps,
duct tape and packing tape. I do this with the tires on so I can get it just right.
If whatever I am using to keep the wing steady needs to dry,
I wait till it drys and then take off the tires. I then put a thick bead of Dow Corning
on each side of each stay, pushing it into the part where the stay and fender meet with
a plastic gloved finger, and let it dry overnight. Be careful as the Dow Corning 995 does "run" and will
"drip" a bit. Just push it back in with a gloved finger. It is the consistancy of jelly, like when you
spread jelly on a peanut butter sandwich. Just sort of stays "on". After that drys overnight, you will notice
that it is still "soft" but has a little body to it. I then put quite a bit on each side of the stays, filling the "V" formed
by the stay and wing. I then smooth is out with a either a plastic scraper or I cut up a few 2 inch by
2 inch peices of stiff cardboard and use that to smooth it out. Let it sit for 4 days and you are all set.
Remember, it takes about 1 day to set up where it will not move easily enough to just have
the wing fall off again and about 4 days to cure completely.


Mine have been on for years. If you ever need to remove them, just cut the Dow Corning 995 and off
come the wings. You can just peel off the old 995 and put on a new set, if you need to.

Ready to put on my first bead.

This is the finshed install. Front
stay. Looks grey, but it is black.
If you have drips hanging down.
just snip them off with ascissors.

I try to fill in the area completly
where the wing and the stay
meet and even go over the stay
with a think coating.


LOOK MA, no bolts!!!!!!