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Cruise Control

Page 1

I purchased my kits and parts from
I spoke with Mike. He helped a lot with installation. Total cost of this kit was in the mid $300 range.
I told him I would send Lotus Owners his way, tell him that I did.


Don't let this happen to you!

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Cup Holder for Lotus Elise and Exige

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This is the main kit.

This is what comes with the kit.

I threw a ruler in here to give
the kit more of a size for you.

Close up of the parts that make
up the main kit.

This is the RF remote module
that I used. You can also use
either a dash mounted switch,
or a stalk on the side of the

Another close up with a few
coins there to give it perspective.

The acutal switch that gets
mounted on the steering weheel
with velcro. I bought the
High Strength Velcro at a local
craft, sewing store.

This is the kit for the aux.
switch you have to mount
on the clutch pedal. This will
disengage the Cruise Control if you touch the clutch pedal.