Installation of Aux. Tank in Caterham 7

The pictures on this page are to show how I am putting an Aux gas tank in my Caterham 7.This is to only demostrate how I have done it and I am not advising anyone else to do it this way.I am not an automotive engineer, nor do I sell gas tanks. Any use of this information is at as the users risk and assumes all liability for such modificatons. Anytime you modify an autombile so it is different from the manufacturer is by reason something that should not be done without contacting people that are far wiser than I am in these matters. Use this information at your own risk.

This is work in progress. (Jan 2001) Page 1 is here.....As I have completed the work, you can see the completed job on page 2. All Cell work was done by Fuel Safe. Speak to Harold Lawrence at Fuel Safe. Very helpful person.

Page 1 ...............Page 2

This is page 1

Picture of tank before I cut it on page 2

Tank as it will be positioned in car.

Area Available for the flush filler. Whole area need not be used.

Tank sitting outside of car for better view.

Boot Area. Current tank is under alum. floor

Current Filler

Current Filler and Sending Unit

Front of tank with mounting bobbins

Another shot as tank will be in car..