Installing a Bike Speedo in Your Seven

Front wheel sensor mounting location. I used the foam from the Speedo Package for the padding. I did not use the magnet supplied with the unit. I used a slot car motor magnet, epoxied to the wheel. After checking balance, it did not have an effect on the balance of the wheel.

Another view of the sensor, with the ty-wraps and the sensor wire that goes up to the head unit. The distance between the magnet and the sensor is about 1/8 of an inch.


View looking forward. I had to cut the sensor wires and lengthen them with good quality wire.I don't know if they are + or -, so I just removed the head unit from it's powered cradle while making the cuts and made sure they were connected as original.

Head unit. It is removable from the powered cradle. Additonal cradles are available.I have it mounted on my roll cage, which is currently out of the car. This is just to give you a sense of the size.

Type speedo is a Panoram from Topeak.

I purchased it from $60

Can be set up for use on 2 vehicles. It displays Ride Time, Time, Speed, Miles Driven, Average Speed, Top Speed (max 110MPH), and a bunch of other functions, 17 total.

Head Unit

It is like a mini Rally computer with 17 functions. All for $60. Cool. They sell wireless versions, but I was told by the designer that they would not work in a car.

A better shot of the actual display.

Closeup of the Display.

Display in the "Backlit" mode. Lasts 4 sec. after pressing right button