Battery Relocation and Battery Box

Using the ODYSSEY Battery

This is the current location. You will notice that the batterys are thinner than the heater. I originally moved the battery to the boot and put an extingusher bottle in the place below the carbs. I had been stranded several times with a dead battery and decided to put a larger battery in boot, to give me more cranking amps.

I first used an Optima Battery, and the only place it would fit is in the boot. In retrospect, had I known about the "thin" Odyssey batteries, I would have not put the extinguisher bottle where the battery used to go under the carb. I would have put one of these in its place....

.. But , as I first moved the batttery to the boot, and used an Optima(which died after 2 winter storages).....

....Then to its current location after my aux fuel tank installation.took up the room in the boot, I decided to keep the fire bottle under the carbs and put the 2 Odyssey batteries here.

I had an alum. box made that is bolted thru the heater box into the bulkhead.

I covered all the positive battery cables with red heater hose to prevent chafing/shorting. Having 2 batteries is definitly overkill, but when I bought them, they were "new" technology and I did not believe that one would be enough. I was wrong.

There is no doubt that this adds to my top weight...but as I am primarily a "road" driver", it does not make that much difference to me.

The size and design of the these batteries allows you to mount then in any position and in almost unheard of locations, including your original location with room to spare.