The airflow over a Lotus Elise or Exige is such that it actually "guides" stones and pebbles thrown
up by other cars right to your rear window, shattering it. You really need a a rear window shield.
In use by hundreds of satisfied Elise and Exige owners, this is really a "must have" for your car.
In the past year alone (2012), we have had two rear windows shattered in the LOONY group. While not
that expensive to buy, the installation is often many hundreds of dollars.

Held in by suction cups, the shield is barely noticable when in use.
$65 including shipping in the USA and Canada. To order send me an email HERE!


You can see it installed below. Just a random shot from my car on the way up to Bronte Car Show
in Canada. You can see that the suction cups are very small and hardly noticable.
You really do not know it is even there.