Laps and Lunch
at the High Performance Driver Education Day
Watkins Glen International Race Track
June 21, 2017

If you are interested in the Laps and Lunch portion of the event:
Laps and Lunch at Watkins Glen,


As we are renting the track for the entire day of June 21, 2017, we might as well make the most of it.
Laps and Lunch is a completely separate event from the HPDE for those that want a little taste of the track!
The Laps and Lunch starts about 11:30am and consists of three laps of the track behind a pace car,
with a stop at the start finish line for pictures at the end of lap two. Then, it's off to the Media Center for a sandwich lunch.
 Cost is usually $35 to $40 for the lunch menu and the three laps.
 If you have a passenger, then it usually adds about $20-$25 for lunch per passenger.
If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know.
The past 3 years we have had 20-30 cars participate in this.
We will be able to get more exact pricing once we know the total interest.

Normally the Glen requires a 35 car minimum for this sort of activity,
but as we are renting the entire track for the day and using the 
Media Center for our HPDE event, there is no minimum car requirement!

Your car must be street registered for the Laps and Lunch portion of the event ONLY.
(This requirement does not apply to the HPDE portion of the event)
No helmets or roll bars are required for the Laps and Lunch portion of the event.
You do not need a Lotus for this. ANY street registered vehicle is welcome!

Please email Tony at Email Tony Here if interested in the Laps and Lunch or if you have any questions.
Registration for the Laps and Lunch portion of the event will be handled by contacting Tony Vaccaro at Email Tony Here.

DO NOT USE for the Laps and Lunch portion of the event.

Join us for fun day at Watkins Glen International!