Lotus Elan 1971 For Sale

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1971 Lotus Elan with full Spyder Conversion. Spyder Gold Anniversary Edition Chassis.
Rolling Chassis was assembled by Spyder in the UK prior to importation.
Full Spyder suspension, roll cage. Extra HP (Really dont know how much) Twin Cam bored 40 over.
Just freshened motor with new rings, bearings, valves, valve guides. high pressure oil pump. Motor has Bean swivel oil pickup.
Rebuilt distributor. 100 miles on refresh. Bought the car in 1986, sold to friend for a few years and bought back.
Dave Bean cartridge water pump, headers, stainless exhaust, altenator (new), CVs instead of donuts. (I don't recall if they are from Bean or RD)
New Tries, Panasport Rims. Brakes all rebuilt with new rotors all around. Odyssey Battery
(I am sure I am missing things, will update as I think of them. I have owned the car for so long that I forget some things!)

This is one special car. Probably the only one like in North America. 26R fenders. But let me stress this is not real 26R bodywork, just the fender area added. This allows the
use of 185/60 tires on the front and 205/60 tires on the rear. This car really handles. Full Spyder roll bar with the side impact bars in the sills. This is not a trailer queen sort of car
This car is meant to be driven. One of the most fun cars I have ever owned and it is with great reluctance that I am selling it.

If you ever wanted the 26R look without paying $150,000 plus price for a real 26R, this is it.

Pictures do not show recently painted bonnet. As time progresses I am going to work on the paint of the car. As I do the price will reflect that.

$38,000 as is now, (open to interesting trades)

Car is in Buffalo NY

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