Lotus 7 For Sale

(Pictures below!)

For Sale 1965 Lotus Super 7 Series 2 1500 Cosworth. SB1988. Righthand drive. First purchased this car in 1971 and sold it to an acquaintance in 1988.
Bought it back from him in 2006. This is one of the least modified Super 7s that you will find. Chassis, engine block and carburetor numbers match build
sheet information as supplied by the Lotus Seven Register by John Watson. Based on the configuration of the car in 1971 and various Lotus reference sources
the following components are either original or correct for a Series 2: KPH speedometer (showing 36,123 km), ammeter, oil pressure gauge, tachometer, steering wheel,
roll bar, seats, fuel tank, fenders, nose, wheels (Elan bolt-on 4 1/2" x 13"), 145R-13 Vredestein tires, and distributor. The original rear axle is now running
a 4.55:1 gear set and has been reinforced. The top is a like new Series 3 type (with side windows). Also, like new are the side curtains and tonneau cover.

The transmission is currently a semi-close box (2.97:1 first gear) from a Cortina GT.
Air filters have replaced the original velocity stacks along with a new hood to clear the air filters.
An electric fuel pump has been fitted with a pressure regulator and braided fuel lines.
The original brake calipers, wheel cylinders, clutch and brake master cylinders have been sleeved by White Post Restorations.
Braided brake lines have been fitted. Recently the radiator was recored and a new water pump fitted.
The original electric cooling fan has been replaced by a larger modern unit. The shocks are Konis with the original springs.
The muffler is by Supertrapp. The tail/stop lights are Thorpe units.
The heater has been removed. A slightly oversize battery has been installed.
According to the previous owner, the compression ratio has been slightly (10.3:1)
and a Ford 473E 0093 camshaft (from dave bean engineering) has been installed which according to the guys at Bean should give 120-125 horsepower.)
The front bumper has been removed but is included.

Spares include: new steering wheel badge, one pair of front fenders, two pairs of wide rear fenders,
five 6"x13" Minilites (four with 185/60-13 80V Yokohama tires),
five original 3 1/2"x13" steel wheels (one with a 5.20-13 Goodyear tire from 1971 or earlier),
four steel wheels widened to 5"x13", four refinished
Elan bolt-on 4 1/2"x13" wheels, original Lotus intake manifold for a single Weber 40 DCOE carb,
original hood sticks for a Series 2 top, a complete
1498 GT engine and transmission (sold to me as being from a 1963 Ford Consul Capri),
a disassembled 1498 engine (not GT) from a 1965 Cortina,
a 1600 cross flow engine from a Mercury Capri (build date July 1970),
an additional English Ford transmission, a complete 7 rear axle,
two new original type mufflers, a good used header, several generators, starters, speedometers,
and tachometers in varying states of repair,
various bushings, seals and gaskets. A new "A2" camshaft from Kent Performance Cams.
An open trailer with tie downs for the car is included.

The car was shown at LOG 30. In 2018 it received a Senior Grand National award from the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA).
A recent appraisal at $59,400 was accepted by my insurance company, for just the car itself.
Owner would like to find a good home for the car with a Lotus enthusiast who would understand and appreciate this car.
The car is located in Richmond, VA.

$50,000 Contact Tony at E-Mail