What does your Lotus mean to you? Your first Lotus?

This is my STORY, what is yours? Send them toMEand I will post them!




LOONY Breakfast Meeting

at the Bergen Diner
Sunday August 24, 2014 Arrive at 9:15-9:30 AM
Bergen, NY
(at the intersection of Route 33 and Route 19, Just off the 490


Vintage Festival at the Glen
Sept. 5th, 2014
Watkins Glen, NY

Most of us just meet downtown on Friday the 5th and see what happans...hard to miss the Lotus.
In the past few years we have had a dedicated parking area for the LOONYs and I will attempt to do that again this year.
Let you all know. So far as of 8/20, I still do not have anything, but working on it.
Sometimes we meet for dinner...sometimes not.
Send me an email.
Tony Let me know what you are doing


From my Caterham/Superformance partner Rick, the following message regarding
Laps at the Watkins GlenVintage Race Click Here for Message ....


for Elise/Exige


Rear Window
Shield for
Elise and Exige

Cars For Sale

71 Elan
Full Spyder Conv.
w/ 26R bodywork

M100 Elan

90 Caterham

Zetec Caterham

Classic Caterham

2005 Elise

The "Training Lotus"

Old Metal License
Plate Frames Wanted!
If you have some old metal
license plate frames just lying around
taking up space, send us an



Buffalo Water Front Breakfast



Events This Spring/Summer/Fall, Our 24th Year of the
"Church of the Holy Lotus"
Click on the photos for more....


Lotus WNY
Grand Opening
Advanced Driving
Day Watkins Glen
Scooters Breakfast
Early June
Geneseo Breakfast
Late May

2005 Elise.
Nightfall Blue,
Must be in good shape
Contact Tony

Lotus Elan Road Trip
Seattle to Louisville to Buffalo

(Click on Pic for more)




Lotus, Caterham, British Sportscars.
Cash Available for all types.

Especially "basket case"
Europas and Sevens




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